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06 May 2012 @ 06:36 pm
Claim your articles in the comments section below! This post would cover all magazines released WITHIN May. For earlier articles, please check the translations index.

Please state your article and member/subgroup/group clearly!!

02 April 2012 @ 08:56 pm
Claim your articles in the comments section below! This post would cover all magazines released WITHIN April. For earlier articles, please check the translations index.

Please state your article and member/subgroup/group clearly!! 

06 March 2012 @ 07:21 pm
Hi :D Here's the masterpost for all releases this month. (That means the April magazines)

Please comment stating what article for which member you are translating clearly in bold

I will be updating this post as the claims come in :) Thank you!

All Chinen's articles - kenken18

Potato April (Hikaru) - shiroikazex (Completed: posted here)
Potato April (Takaki) - manatsubi (Completed: posted here)
Myojo April - JUMP members' love mail corner - manatsubi
Myojo May - BEST cross talk - kurosaki91
Myojo May - 7 cross talk - kenken18 
Wink Up April (Takaki) - manatsubi (Completed: posted here)
Seventeen April - 7's Section kenken18 (Completed: posted here)
Recent FC pamphlet (Takaki) - manatsubi

JUMPaper (Takaki) 14.03.2012 - manatsubi (Completed: posted here)
JUMPaper (Hikaru) 26.03.2012 - shiroikazex (Completed: posted here)

Calendar 2012.4 - 2013.3 Interviews BEST - shiroikazex (Completed: posted here)
Calendar 2012.4 - 2013.3 Interviews 7 - arisu_chan25 (Completed: posted here)
03 March 2012 @ 10:43 pm
Hello, Saki here :) From this month onwards, manatsubi and I will be managing this community, yoroshiku~

We are currently revamping the community and changing the system a little, so it might take a little while for everything to be up and running, but fret not! We'll do things ASAP :D 

Here's a collated list of the changes we're making, so please refer to this list carefully! 

1) We are bringing back the monthly masterposts.

But with a little change. This time round, we would be putting up a post at the beginning of the month for you to post your claims. That is to say, translators are to comment in that post with their claims, and we would then edit the post as we go along to list everyone's claims. Please go through the post/comments to check if someone has already claimed the article you want to do before commenting. 

Now, this might be a little confusing for some--since stuff like Myojo April are released at the end of February. We are hence going by the month which the magazine/article/website update is released. That is, if you wanna do Myojo April's article, you comment in the February post. 

For past articles, like old articles from 2008, comment in the LATEST masterpost. To check if the article has been translated before, you can take a look at the translation index by katrinalacson . 

You can claim magazines (Popolo, TV Life etc), JUMPaper, special drama site updates, radio shows. Note that we do NOT cover videos, as those are done by fansubbing groups.

2) We are building a list of regular translators.

Regular translators. Yes. These are the translators who work "full-time", so to speak, like those who translate articles every month for a/a few particular member(s). For example, I'm currently doing Hikaru's JUMPaper updates, so I'd be listed under regular translators for that. Another prominent translator is kenken18 , who regularly does Chinen related articles, and he would be listed under regulars too. 

So if you ARE a regular translator, please check Yumi's (manatsubi) post here to comment, indicating the articles you regularly translate, and the member you regularly translate for. 

We will be putting up the regulars list for non-regular "part-timers" to check, such that they know who to work with when they want to claim articles. And this is also to help prevent clashes in translations, I know of a few translators who have worked for some time on a particular article, only to see it being posted on hey_say by someone else without communication. Quite frustrating, yes, hence we'll try to resolve that problem now.

Seasoned translators should also check the regulars post once it's up, to know your colleagues better, and to facilitate translation allocations if you happen to translate for the same member :) 

3) We are making newbie friendly! However...

We will be putting up a post for new translators to look for betas--for checking the accuracy of the Japanese translations and checking the English grammar of the translated document. Feel free to comment there if you need a beta! Betas should either be native Japanese speakers who are fluent in English too, or non-natives who have a N2 or above in JLPT.

We are however, gonna keep the QC for translations pretty strict. JUMP translators actually have a pretty bad reputation in the JE fandom because of the bad quality of the translations. We do understand that you want to contribute to the fandom in whatever ways you can, but if you are not confident in your translation skills, it would be best if you consult a qualified beta who can clear up any mistranslations, or just simply improve on your Japanese before translating. Google Translations will not be entertained. 

4) Other nitty gritty rules...

- You are allowed a maximum of 5 articles per month. 
- You are not allowed to claim new articles before finishing the ones that you have on hand.
- If you can't finish your translations, please reply to your comment thread in the monthly masterposts to say that you release the claim, so we can offer it to other translators.

That is all for now! So welcome to the new hey_trans and have fun :D 

Hi, Yumi here :)

shiroikazex and I have decided to give some changes to hey_trans!

We will make a "regulars list", a post where we list regular translators (those who translate articles every month) and what they translate.

And in order to make the list, we need your cooperation.
We just need you to answer one question: Are you a regular translator?

Please comment in this post what you translate (ex: magazines, JUMPapaer, lyrics...) and who you translate (ex: Yamada, Chinen...)

And for those who do not translate regularly, I still suggest for you to join hey_trans as it is a place for all translators to claim articles and ask for help.

Apart from the regulars list, we will also bring back the monthly article claim post! We hope to have more translations seen in the JUMP fandom :D

Thank you cooperation~
26 December 2011 @ 03:13 pm
I'm just wondering, anyone knows how to assign this? I want to do all of Inoo's, but I'm willing to do everything if no one else is interested~
15 December 2011 @ 09:31 pm
I'll be doing Yabu's unless someone has already started.
09 December 2011 @ 12:51 am
If no one has translated Hikaru's 4 page spread in Saita August yet, I'm going to do it next week :D 
21 November 2011 @ 06:07 pm
Taking Hikaru's and maybe Inoo's cos no one has done it yet.

09 October 2011 @ 09:38 am
Will be doing CanCam October Yabu + Hikaru's parts, and Hikaru's latest JUMPaper.

From now on if no one is doing BEST's JUMPaper I'll do them :) Open for discussion, just drop a comment.

(hikarinoniji is taking Yabu's, and manatsubi is taking Yuya's so I'll be taking the other 3's. But yeah if you wanna do them just drop me a comment! :))

And yes, I'M ALIVE.